I have to tell you, it really is the best 'expired search' site I've tried. It's always a pain to check popularity for each domain, but I like how I can just keep a second window open for the link popularity and click down the list without closing or opening windows. 

I like the WHOIS page. Best I've seen.

The search choices are good. The interface is calm, uncluttered.

I'd like the Alexa and WHOIS windows to open in a slightly smaller window but perhaps that would work for everyone.

Leila C.    Toronto

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I purchased an expired domain that had nothing to do with the website I wanted to put up, but it sounded good. This was on Nov 30, 2006.

That website is www.nextlevelsolutionz.com

It was some kind of drug and therapy website. I wanted to sell outdoor wood furnaces. Would this work?

I immediately put up new content for outdoor wood furnaces. I knew Google was already indexing it because it was found on Google. It was no longer in the "sandbox" either.

Within a few days it was on the first page of MSN and Yahoo! Nice!

Google took a little longer, but it suddenly appeared on page 1 of Google for 2 popular search terms, "outdoor wood furnace" and "outside wood furnace."

It was right up there with companies that had websites for 10 years, 8 years, 7 years, 5 years and another 5 years - yet this site was just a couple months old for outdoor wood furnaces!

By buying a domain name that is already established but expired, you have a MUCH better chance of getting in the search engines FAST!

PROOF - see this search for: outdoor wood furnace


centralboiler.com 9 years 11 months old
woodheat.org 7 years 1 months old
heatmor.com 8 years 4 months old
wooddoctorfurnace.com 4 years 6 months old
5 years 8 months old
outdoorwoodfurnaces.org 5 years 9 months old



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